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Live and let live!

5 stars
Gut versteckt aber sehr lecker  de

Der Laden ist etwas unscheinbar, wenn man die Industriestraße entlangfährt und sie nicht kennt und wo das Restaurant noch nicht auf OSM eingetragen war. Aber die Strandkörbe neben dem Haus Nr. 5 kann man danach nicht mehr übersehen. Das Tagesgericht ist sehr empfehlenswert gewesen und der anschließende Milchreis und Apfelkuchen auch.

2 stars
Didn't live up to the hype

After reading reviews online, I had some expectations for this place and unfortunately I was disappointed.

Maybe the staff has changed, but this time around the server wasn’t particularly friendly.

I ordered the a set of two samosas and the Vegetarian Curry. I specifically asked if the curry was vegan, and the waiter confirmed it was. Apparently, it also accompanied a drink and ice cream, which I didn’t realize until it was too late. While this is partly my fault, the waiter, armed with the knowledge that I specifically asked for a vegan dish, brought me dairy ice cream anyway.

The samosas were good, but a little pricy (almost 600 yen for 2 pieces?). The curry tasted fine. The presentation could’ve been better, though. Maybe because the plates they use are pretty large, it gave the impression that there wasn’t much food on the plate. I’m still not sure if the portion was small or the plate too large. Either way, it wasn’t a great impression.

I didn’t have a good experience here, so I would recommend people go to La Quinua (Peruvian-Mexican food) or Vegetus Sara (Japanese food), which are all within walking distance to each other. Vegan options at Indian/Sri Lankan/Nepali restaurants are easy to come by wherever you go, so you can easily skip this place.

Pros: Food was alright
Cons: Small portions, inattentive customer service

5 stars
Beats many fancy Tokyo restaurants, by a long shot

The food was so good I ate here everyday during my three-day stay in Yakushima, and it was also great that the dishes were different every time. On my last day, I ordered the bento, which was delicious as well.

Asuka clearly puts a lot of love into what she cooks, and you can definitely feel it when you eat it. There were so many different kinds of tastes that were new to me. Everything was simple and delicious.

If you’re coming to Yakushima, I recommend you make this a priority as important as the tourist spots you’re planning to see. You won’t want to miss this place!

Pros: The food is amazing, the owner is super friendly, the atmosphere is relaxing
Cons: None

5 stars
Veganes Fast-Food-Bistro mit breitem Angebot  de

Das Vegs ist die einzige komplett vegane Gastronomie in Halle. Es gibt ein breites Angebot an Wraps, Burgern, Fladenbroten und weiteren Speisen.

Es gibt innen ein paar Plätze und bei schönem Wetter kann man sich draußen hinsetzen. Die Atmosphäre entspricht einem Fast-Food-Bistro.

Da es mir gut schmeckt, bin ich regelmäßig dort.

4 stars
Las Palmas vegan fine dining

La Hierba Luisa serves all vegan traditional starters, main courses and desserts. The tastes are good and expressive, if you want something outside of boring fast food. The food is not fast in literal sense either, if you are in a hurry. As you might expect the presentation is also quite good outside of the taste. We had only time to eat here twice, which is not nearly enough to go through the whole menu, there are always daily specials outside of the menu of about 10 main courses and 10 starters and desserts.

You can get good service in English here and the menu has English descriptions.

5 stars
Excellent food  ja

The karaage (fried tofu) tastes amazing, and the sauces are perfect. The food also came extremely fast. The staff (2 people) started to have some problems when the place became more crowded, but everything else about this place, including the ambiance, totally makes up for it.

4 stars
Great idea

This map works pretty well and, if combined with a backend, for instance, could be a viable libre alternative to HappyCow. The developer is active and open to fixing bugs and listening to suggestions on GitHub, which is great too.

The main drawback is the lack of vegan and vegetarian restaurants on the map, but that’s a problem with OpenStreetMap, and one that can be fixed by all of us.

5 stars
OpenVegeMap to find vegetarian and vegan food

This website is now discontinued.

This website uses information from OpenStreetMap to show vegetarian and vegan friendly restaurants on a map. I really like the fact that when I tag a restaurant with the key diet:vegetarian or diet:vegan in OpenStreetMap that it shows up on OpenVegeMap nearly instantly.

5 stars
Excellent vegetarian and vegan food

Spirit Rotterdam is a buffet restaurant with lots of vegan food. You can fill your plate yourself from a buffet and you pay per weight. The taste of the food is excellent, and the number of choices is great. Highly recommended!

5 stars
Maravilhoso  pt

Esse taiwanês vegetariano é incrível! A comida é muito gostosa, os donos são simpáticos, o custo-benefício é ótimo. É um pouco fora de mão por conta da localização, mas considerando que por 26 reais dá pra comer a vontade num buffet em que a maioria dos itens é vegana (ou claramente sinalizada quando não é), vale muito a pena.

Recomendo e vou voltar lá com certeza!