Reviews by Shisma

3 stars
”The Silmarillion“ of Star Trek

This book is about the Planet Vulcan. All odd numbered chapters are the lame excuse for a story, about the Vulcans desiring to leave the Federation. This is supposed to somehow connect to what I would consider the good part: The rise of the Vulcan Civilisation from it’s prehistoric beginnings, to the Time of Awakening. This part is great if you are into this kind of thing. Good world building but not much else…

2 stars
Our Man Bashir…

Julian Bashir is hired by a secret service to prevent a mad scientist from creating a clone army. If at this point you still want to read it, this might be your thing.

4 stars
This film is so very english

‘Gentlemen, I have a time machine in my basement’

‘Splendid! Lets play some chess!’