Asia Garden - Jackson, TN USA


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1 star
Overpriced and tasteless asian food in Jackson, TN USA

We ordered for pickup:

  • Crunchy shrimp and avocado roll
  • Chicken lo mein
  • Age[sic]d[/sic] dashi tofu
  • Fried wontons

This place has amazing reviews on yelp and google. Unfortunately it’s been a common occurrence for us specifically for Jackson, TN to have amazing reviews for restaurants that have terrible food.

Everyone inside was nice, it was just the food. There was almost nobody there so I thought that maybe our food would be made with extra care (it was not).

  • The sushi was bare-bones. It being cheap, I expected basic sushi but this kinda let me down. The shrimp is not fried, they just packed some crispy panko or something similar in with it.
  • The tofu was not deep fried, like they claim on the menu. Seemed like maybe they just microwaved it. The menu item is called “Age Dashi tofu” - it included a small container of sauce that was super thin and didn’t add much of anything to it. Dashi is usually very concentrated so I highly doubt there’s any dashi in it.
  • The lo mein was way too salty.
  • The wontons were overcooked, almost burnt.