Fcking Craft Pub 

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4 stars
Great venue, convenient location, decent selection of craft beer

I chose this pub to visit in the м. Менделеевская area because of the name;
this was my second visit. Just like the first time, I had a bit of trouble
actually finding it in the building: you can’t access it through the Irish pub,
but only through a stairwell through a door on the side. After a coat-check
(which you aren’t allowed to use, if you are visiting the /craft/ pub), you
pass through several bars until you get to the very back.

What you find is a very nice pub, with a few (but not too many) televisions
with popular sports, some nice wide, deep wood benches with cushions on top,
and a decent selection of craft beer. Russian selection is unfortunately
limited: no Salden’s or Konix (maybe the two most popular Russian craft beers),
but decent selection of European and British craft beer.

The staff was friendly and helpful, giving good descriptions of a few of the
more obscure draft beers, and let me sample before deciding. Prices were
reasonable, roughly 250rub for a half-liter. They had no trouble interacting
with a foreigner with poor Russian, and I’m sure it would be awkward but
managable if I tried just using English.