Libre Game Night

  •   Weekly game night for members of the Free/libre Software and Culture communities
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4 stars
A good idea that can be built on

The purposes of the Libre Game Night are threefold;

  • one, to have a enjoyable place to hang out and play with others,

  • two, to play FOSS games, including a very enjoyable 24/7 minetest server,

  • three, to promote FOSS games.

In all honnesty, I think it does accomplish all three but great improvement could be made. The use of IRC and Mumble are not necessarily the best choices to wider the community, and I think this is shown through the small number of regular players, whereas the use of different software might help (there was a talk of a discord bridge, rightly rejected, but still, perhaps the existence of a non-bridge server could be beneficial). However, a better organisation would be greatly appreciated: the voting system (as perhaps a rotating system to know wich game to play, or a second day in the week having that system ?), not to mention the website and wiki seem a decade old (just like the use of IRC in a way, except that IRC has got some benefits). I also am lead to believe that a system to RSVP when one would be connected might tend to bring about a greater number of persons, as would having another night or not at least 4 different timezones. The timezones can of course be a good thing with a very large and arround the globe community, yet I do not have the sense that this needed.

On a temporary note, during the global COVID-19 lock down every night is libre game night!

5 stars
A fun group filled with people invested in software freedom

As someone new to the free software world, Libre Game Night has been a great social activity for me. The games are both gratis and libre, lowering the barrier to participation during the weekly nights.

Games are decided democratically. A Minetest server is up most times of the week. You can join over Freenode IRC at the channel #lgn. For Matrix users the room alias is