Review: KT1 - Adjustable Ergonomic Keyboard Tray

4 stars
Negative (adjustable) angle is a must have for your wrists!

I purchased this keyboard tray because my adventuring into the standing desk realm is coming to an end; my back just can’t take it. I still have my nice adjustable standing desk but it just doesn’t go low enough to have the correct wrist height. Enter, this keyboard tray.

I realized very quickly that I needed/wanted a keyboard tray that had “negative angle”; aka the tray can angle down away from you, not toward you. Your wrists aren’t meant to be bent upward for long periods so pretty much every single keyboard tray that does that is wrong (I Am Not A Doctor, This Is Not Medical Advice).


  • This keyboard tray is solid (thick heavy metal) and adjustable enough.
  • Negative angle!
  • Separate mouse pad that can go on either the left or right side and can angle independently of the keyboard surface.
  • It slides in and out.
  • It was relatively easy to install. You do need a power drill, drill bits (to pre-drill the screw holes), and a wrench.


  • I’d appreciate just a bit more range for the adjustments. I’ve maxed out the negative angle and could use a touch more, or at least the option of going a little more.
  • Adjusting is done by a single tension point (think those quick release levers on your bike wheels), which is nice/easy but also limits the fine tun-ability slightly.