Spock's Brain 

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1 star
“his brain is gone”

Spock’s Brain is often considered one of the worst episodes in the original Star Trek series. From the cringe-worthy dialogue to the lackluster acting, this episode is a perfect example of what can go wrong when a TV show runs out of ideas.

The premise of the episode is that Spock’s brain has been removed from his body, and the Enterprise crew must locate and reattach it before it’s too late. The execution of this ridiculous idea is poorly executed.

Additionally, the episode’s central conflict revolves around a group of women who have stolen Spock’s brain and are using it to control their male-dominated society, which can be seen as reinforcing gender stereotypes and tropes.

The acting in this episode is also quite subpar, with even the normally reliable Leonard Nimoy struggling to make the material work.

Spock’s Brain is a low point in the Star Trek franchise and one that is best forgotten. The poor writing, lackluster acting, and nonsensical plot make it a chore to watch, and it’s unlikely that even the most die-hard Trek fans will find much to enjoy here.

Unfortunatly ☆☆☆☆☆ stars are not permitted, so the ★☆☆☆☆ star goes to DeForest Kelley’s delivery of the line “his brain is gone” 🫣🤣