Reviews by Shisma

3 stars

So this is a city that is supposed to be a fortress for humanity. It is a planned city, for the most part based on an octagonal grid pattern.

Basic structure

Plan of Tokyo-3 partially based on openstreetmap © OpenStreetMap contributors

Gaps in the octagon are used to house water reservoirs which are interconnected by drainage channels. The city seems to be designed to deal with flooding events. Sounds reasonable considereing that nearby old Tokyo is submerged within the pacific ocean (in this distant future of the year 2015, that is). There also seems to be a reliable alarm system. The whole population fits into onsite emergency shelters. Central city highrise building can be submerged into the ground in case of a catastrophe.

Nature & Environment

The outline of the city blocks vaguely resembles crucifix that is 3.5km on its long axis, which appears tiny to me. But I like the idea of living in a tiny superdense city surrounded by a beautfull green mountain range and a scenic crater lake. Too bad they had to destroy part of a natural reserve (and a golf course) to build it.


The city seems to have a reliable monorail system but also a dense grid of six lane roads which seems incredibly car oriented for my taste. Who needs that many lanes? Well maybe if the city is designed to be navigated by giant robots to destroy titanic (alien?) monsters that regularly venture to the city center for no reason.


The city is largly populated by officers of the semi military force NERV with cool uniforms and a weired cult like slogan on their logo. In the later parts of the show, the city appears strangly empty and melancholic. I like the vibe of it but I wouldn’t wanna live there.

4 stars

The first few chapters are a great journey. The last few chapters feel somewhat convoluted…

4 stars
Great Food, great cocktails…

…nice staff …aweful music.

4 stars
An Oatmilk for Berlin
Pros 🆚 Cons
✔️ returnable bottle ❌ inconsistent quality
✔️ regional product
✔️ cat on the label

It’s a good offer but some batches smell and taste odd.

4 stars
Müsli, Müsli Nomnomnom…

Pretty sweet.

3 stars
”The Silmarillion“ of Star Trek

This book is about the Planet Vulcan. All odd numbered chapters are the lame excuse for a story, about the Vulcans desiring to leave the Federation. This is supposed to somehow connect to what I would consider the good part: The rise of the Vulcan Civilisation from it’s prehistoric beginnings, to the Time of Awakening. This part is great if you are into this kind of thing. Good world building but not much else…

2 stars
Our Man Bashir…

Julian Bashir is hired by a secret service to prevent a mad scientist from creating a clone army. If at this point you still want to read it, this might be your thing.

4 stars
This film is so very english

‘Gentlemen, I have a time machine in my basement’

‘Splendid! Lets play some chess!’