Reviews by zblace

4 stars
MaMa cultural center (had a net.caffe), which is now in irregular use and welcoming hackers + activists

MaMa net.culture club and its net cafe was one of Zagreb’s key meeting points for alternative, arty and tech savvy folx in early 2000s, while now it is in irregular use and welcoming hackers + activists.

It was never commercial co-working space, but if your work is around open content, technology and socially engaged you will likely get basic support with limited resources when possible.

4 stars
Nice atmosphere but medium attendance and very costly for many Europeans

EuroGames 2023 were organized in lovely Bern (old city is UNESCO protected heritage), where hosts did good work with most aspects establishing nice atmosphere in the EuroGames village and around Pride (which was not organized regularly locally). City center was covered in different LGBT+ flags and was quite a site to see.

Sports had with solid local attendance, but no as many internationals as usual, most likely for accommodation and other costs were fairly high. Food, drinks and party tickets were beyond what many LGBT+ Europeans were ready to pay for and organizers could have done better work on compensating for this.