Coyote Blues - Jackson, TN USA


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3 stars
Decent food, almost worth the price.

We have ordered from here quite a few times. Usually, it’s pretty good. The times when it’s not so good is when the food is too salty.

  • The poblano pepper cheese grits and the milagros have always tasted great and are cooked well.
  • The salsa is always way too salty and the last few times we ordered from here I didn’t even touch it.
  • I’ve also had the shrimp and grits, but they didn’t first remove the tails, and they were extremely overcooked.
  • My girlfriend has had some of their chicken dishes and their “campfire sandwich” and she enjoyed them.
  • Stay away from their guacamole. It’s almost like a whip - way too light.

Overall, look to spend around $25~$30. From what we have experienced living here for almost a year, there’s not much else that’s as good. It’s decent, and good to choose if you want something cooked reasonably well for an okay price.