Landscape with Invisible Hand 

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5 stars
different angle

when the vuvv first landed, it came as a surprise. they occupied planet earth, it looked good in the beginning. advanced tech medicine, nearly free education. but then it felt like industrial revolution, earths jobs are taken away, replaced by technology. the vuvv though loved traditional earth live, and watched artist adam and his girl friend chloe love life in a pay per view format, just like people nowadays watch aborigines in australia. adam and chloes love suffered by the constant pressure of this reality show. a vuvv called shirley threaten to sue them for betrayal. adams lawyer mum, nat, negotiates a way out. marry shirley’s offspring, keep it happy and open up its mind. this development inspired adam to create a huge painting on a wall, which the vuvv took away, and even hired adam to spread such culture to the vuvv-iverse.

“landscape with invisible hand” is one of the rare pieces which provides a completely novel angle on a topic. it is science fiction, and anyway one feels a little like people in africa or asia felt 500 years ago, when western priests civilized these barbarians by bringing their technology and culture. the film has 1968 born matthew tobin anderson’s novel of the same name as a base. larry ellisons daughter, megan, produced the film in 2023.