Pazzi - Italian slow food


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4 stars
Tasty Italian with lots of vegan options

I liked it here. I ordered a Vegan Scampi Pizza, mostly for the novelty value, because I had never seen vegan scampi. Interesting. Looks-wise 100% on point, taste-wise not bad. The scampi seem to be made from some sort of mushroom and so have a bit of a mushroom feel. As pizzas go, this wasn’t a bad one. As always, the cheese wasn’t all there. I really do wish there’d be better tasting vegan pizza cheeses, but alas… I’d come here again, though, because the restaurant is nice and the menu has a lot of options. It’s a good place if you’re looking for a somewhat more upmarket Italian restaurant.

Image shows a pizza on a round wooden board on a white table top, some bottles and glasses to the right of the pizza. There is a yellow slice of lemon on top of the pizza. Also some slices of zucchini are visible on top of the pizza.
Vegan Scampi Pizza