4 stars
Super solid

While sightseeing in Copenhagen, I had a burger-shaped hole in my stomach, so naturally I had to stop here to sample one of the vegan burgers. All patties house-made, don’t ya know. Sadly, the regular patty was already sold out, but Robin had put together a replacement, which, I’m sure, tasted just as fine. It’s a tiny joint with super tasty ice tea and a free Mortal Combat machine - gives you something to do while waiting for the food (not that it was a long wait). The Roots-n-Green Burger was super tasty as were the fries. Highly recommended for a centrally located burger stop in Copenhagen.

Roots-n-Green Burger at Bob’s Streetfood in Copenhagen. (Own work. License: CC-BY-SA.)

Interior, Bob’s Streetfood Copenhagen. (Own work. License: CC-BY-SA.)

Interior, Bob’s Streetfood Copenhagen. (Own work. License: CC-BY-SA.)

5 stars
Bärta - Bitar Chili & Lime

Great product to work with and tastes great. These are very versatile and work well in stews or casseroles, but also on their own on skewers or as a snack. Would totally buy these again.

Packaging (Own work. License: CC-BY-SA.)

Panfried (Own work. License: CC-BY-SA.)

4 stars
Surprise airport find...

A dark gray plate on a light wood surface. On the plate, bottom right, is a small red raddish, which has been carved to resemble a flower. Top center and left are two potato cakes. One is sitting on a small pile of green guacomole, the other one on a pile of red tomato relish. There are several green salad leafs, a small red cherry tomato, and a slice of cucumber visible, too.
The Vegan Breakfast

I had dinner in the city centre branch of the StäV a few days ago and it was okay. Then I found it at the airport when I was looking for breakfast. They have a vegan breakfast that’s super tasty, freshly made, and, for an airport anyway, keenly priced. I liked it a lot. Probably one of the best vegan airport breakfasts I had so far.
They also have other clearly labeled vegan dishes.