Review: Epic Mountain

5 stars
Beautiful, playful compositions - great for focused listening, or for supporting "flow"

I’m generally a big fan of Kurzgesagt, a channel of animated explanations/explorations of various topics ranging from the Fermi paradox to fracking. But the videos would not be nearly as enticing without the Epic Mountain soundtrack. The music playfully blends piano with 8-bit beeps & boops and the occasional epic theme reminiscent of a Hans Zimmer soundtrack, or even a jazz detour.

I enjoy listening to this music for concentrated work where the goal is to attain a flow state, but also just for its own sake. As with many soundtracks, there are recurring themes in the different Kurzgesagt tracks, but this only enhances the feeling of being transported into a carefully crafted, interconnected soundscape. If you want to listen in, I suggest starting with some of their most popular tracks: Emergence, War, Optimistic Nihilism.