Review: La Brioche, Shams Boutique Mall, Abu Dhabi

La Brioche, Shams Boutique Mall, Abu Dhabi
3 stars
Surprisingly many vegan options!

I walked past this a few times on my way to other places in this neighbourhood mall and I always thought it’s your typical Arabic coffee-shop type of establishment with the usual, mostly meat-heavy, menu. Today, I stopped to have a look at the menu and I was surprised to find a fair few vegan options, so I stayed for dinner.
Among others, the menu featured a vegan Impossible burger, a dish with no-chikn vegan chicken, several salads, and vegan bolognese sauce for pasta.
I settled for the burger, which was okay. It looked good, but was bit dry. The fries that came with it, though, were very good. I feel that I might have picked the wrong dish or simply the wrong time. I’ll give this place another shot, although because there isn’t much to chose from vegan-wise in the mall.

A burger on a white plate with fries to the right of the burger and a white dish with red sauce at the back. The burger bun is a light brown with darker brown seeds on the top. A straw pick is placed in the middle of the bun to hold the burger together. Also visible is the edge of a tomato and a green leaf on the burger bun.
Vegan Impossible Burger with Fries