Review: Minifree: GNU+Linux+Libreboot laptops

Minifree: GNU+Linux+Libreboot laptops
5 stars
Great products, great service

I ordered an X200 Thinkpad from MiniFree in Jan 2019. Minifree is one of the very few companies selling truly free (as in freedom) laptops, including bios (thanks to the Libreboot project) & drivers.

First off, I want to highlight that my order got shipped very quickly – on the same day the payment was received. Communication from beginning to end was also very good, always clear, on time and professional. The parcel arrived in just a few days even though I am located in a different country. The items – the laptop and its docking station – were both very carefully packaged.

Even though it’s a reconditioned item, the laptop looks almost new and performance is good. It was usable right away since it comes installed with Trisquel, a very easy-to-use GNU/Linux distribution approved by the Free Software Foundation – no installation or configuration needed.

One of the things that I especially liked is the hardware kill switch for wifi/bluetooth. Also the docking station includes an optical DVD/CD drive, something that has almost disappeared nowadays but that I still need from time to time.

I am very satisfied with the products and the service. I will definitely buy from Minifree again!