Review: Blender Video Editing Tutorials

5 stars
Tutorials the way they should be done

Mikeycal’s Blender Video Editing Tutorials are an amazing free resource to learn how to use Blender, a free and open source suite mostly used for 3D modeling and animation, to edit videos. Blender is very capable software, but it takes a while to master its idiosyncratic user interface. In his video series, Mikeycal walks you through how to set up your Blender workspace so that it’s basically just a video editor from your perspective, and explains how to cut, combine different audio tracks, manage transitions, etc.

As an absolute beginner in video editing who didn’t want to use closed source software, I found these tutorials invaluable for my Passionate Voices series of interviews. Mikeycal is a natural teacher – he repeats things, enunciates very clearly, shows/highlights the parts of the UI that matter, and so on. He moves at a good speed while referencing earlier lessons as appropriate. There’s really nothing more one could ask for, even from a paid resource – and this one’s completely free.