Team: Developers

Welcome to the engine room!

We develop the platform. That’s both server-side and client-side code and design (!), as well as any additional tools, apps, etc. If you’re technically minded but want to help more with docs, developer outreach, user needs analysis, you’re also more than welcome to join.

For now we use this team primarily to keep a diary of our work.

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Team rules

You agree to license all technical contributions under CC-0 (public domain); see:

We’ve opted for these terms for our codebase to make re-use and extension minimally complex.

This team has not published any reviews yet.

Twitter/X account deactivated

Belatedly, the Twitter/X account for is gone and won’t be coming back, since Twitter/X has been turned into a hate platform. If you’d like to follow us, you can do so on Mastodon or of course on this blog :-). JSON-LD data added to review subjects, individual reviews

We’ve had basic support for aggregate review metadata (using types) since 2017. We’ve now converted this data into the more modern JSON-LD format, and added it for individual reviews as well. The latter should help make reviews more discoverable in search engines. Thanks to Nortix for the suggestion.

Preview bug with uploaded files fixed

The new social media image support seems to be working well, but it had an issue where it would sometimes lose track of files you uploaded from the editor, especially when using preview (the dropdown list to select a social media image would be empty even though you uploaded files). This should now be fixed, but please file a bug report if you encounter any new or old problems.

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