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Welcome to the engine room!

We develop the platform. That’s both server-side and client-side code and design (!), as well as any additional tools, apps, etc. If you’re technically minded but want to help more with docs, developer outreach, user needs analysis, you’re also more than welcome to join.

For now we use this team primarily to keep a diary of our work.

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Team rules

You agree to license all technical contributions under CC-0 (public domain); see:

We’ve opted for these terms for our codebase to make re-use and extension minimally complex.

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A nicer language selector

The language list was starting to get cluttered (thanks to translators!), so we’re now using a dropdown, which should make things more manageable for some time to come.

Language selector dropdown

If you frequently change languages, two tips:

  • You can access the dropdown with the access key “L”, e.g., “Alt+L” in Chromium.
  • By typing the language code inside the dropdown, you can quickly select your favorite language, no matter what language the user interface is currently in.

(Note that this change adds a new interface text for the language button, which will take a little while to get translated into all the supported languages.)

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Search features deployed

We now have the first round of search features. This includes autocompletion (requires JavaScript):

Search autocompletion

And it includes full-text search across reviews, including highlighting:

Full-text match

See the search page for some tips on valid search operators (a full technical breakdown of supported operators can be found here).

A note on language support:

  • If you’re searching in a language other than English, content in that language will show up.
  • Content in English will always be searched.
  • In addition, we make certain fallback assumptions, e.g., Brazilian Portuguese also searches European Portuguese.

In future, it may be desirable to make those search options user-configurable, as well.

The search feature is based on ElasticSearch, an open source search backend used by many websites, including Wikipedia.

As always, please don’t hesitate to report bugs, or find us on if you want to chat.

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ようこそ: Japanese is live!

Thanks to Higa4, the Japanese language version of is now live (preview).

Is your language still missing? See our earlier blog post for instructions on how to get involved in translating

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