French Republican Calendar GNOME Shell extension
4 stars
Trusty extension, lacks some polish and translations

Thanks to this extension I have easily developed the habit of checking what day it is in the metricated French Republican Calendar. The days can be looked up on Wikidata by French Republican month name and day number, and sometimes there will be an indication there of what the name of the day refers to (it would be nice if this were integrated into the extension itself). While it is appropriate for an extension for a French calendar to be in French, it would also be nice if it were more fully translated into English and other languages. This may be a personal plan since the extension is libre. Overall I think the extension does the job well, and I attribute a more botanical-centered mindfulness to it.

5 stars
Great graphics, huge world

Controls are a little hard to figure out

(apologies to Randall Munroe,, licensed CC BY-NC 2.5)

4 stars
Beautifully illustrated

Although a minor tragedy in itself, since it represents a noble skill (engraving) being put towards ignoble ends (as evidenced by the intro by Hindenburg, propagandizing the Central Powers’ lost territory in the Great War; this leading to popular appetite for WWII, a much grander tragedy), each image puts one standing instantly in front of the pastoral fields and elegant churches depicted.

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