5 stars
Powerfull tool for enhancing the web with wikidata

Web-database’s are great, but they never tell you the whole story, ironically for any given subject there are often a number of these and combined together would give fuller picture, however these databases usually are not linked together.

Wikidata is very good at holding links to various database but cross-referencing isn’t fun so people don’t do it.

This is where “wikidata for web” comes in, it automatically recognises what you are looking at in a webdatabase and shows the links it has in a side-panel just making them “a click away”

As well as being a tool for consuming data it makes it very easy to “give back” by making linking very easy to do, simply search for what the page you on should be linked too, and if you find something, one click will join them together.

This is really great tool and I am constantly surprised no one has taken the idea and rolled in directly into the browser.