3 stars
Normal warmers with extravagant marketing claims

These are perfectly ordinary disposable handwarmers. Nothing wrong about them per se.

In and out of the packet (Own work. License: CC-BY-SA.)


Except with the marketing, of course. They claim that these last for 12 hours. Maybe with a precise thermometer you might detect some faint memory of heat radiating from these after 12h, but in practice these become useless at around 6 hours, that is the normal time for other brands as well.

So these warmers are no worse than others, but doubling the time claim is just cheating the customer. I recommend supporting a vendor with more realistic claims.

4 stars
Warm mat with the bag slightly off

This is a down insulated air sleeping mat for colder times.

The pack is not too massive for a winter sleeping pad, and it comes with a good looking repair kit. (Own work. License: CC-BY-SA.)

With an R-value of 5, this sleeping pad is good well below freezing temps. Tested at around -7C, though not directly on snow. Slept well, so the essentials are in check.

The mat opened but not filled. The stuff sack doubles as a “wind sock” pump. (Own work. License: CC-BY-SA.)

My only complaints are with the stuff sack. It’s possible to roll the mat and get in that way, but in practice this is really hard with your fingers numb. I would recommend just stuffing the mat into the sack.

As is visible above, the sack also works as a pump. It’s nice that you don’t have to buy it separately, but it’s also not as good as a traditionally shaped pump sack. Gets the mat filled though.

All in all this is a decent winter sleeping mat.

5 stars
Great handlebar bag in the bigger end of the spectrum

This is an excellent waterproof handlebar bag from Ortlieb.

Even the smaller 5L version is pretty roomy. (Credit: Ortlieb. Fair use.)

It has room for any utensils and snacks that you might want access during your ride (and there exists an even bigger 6,5L version too). The topside has large window so that you can put your phone in there in landscape mode, and use it as a navigator for example. Build quality is excellent, and it even comes with a shoulder strap for use off the bike. Just remember that you have to get the mount separately.

Highly recommend this one!