Mpow Flame Wireless Sport Headphones
3 stars
Ok and cheap, but nothing more

I was looking for new sports headphones and after reading the reviews on Amazon which compared those “Mpow” headphones favourably to the Beats Powerbeats line I thought I would give them a try - at 30 CAD they are really cheap.

I have never tried the Beats headphones, but if they are really comparable to these this is not a great endorsement for the Beats line. First, the good: They fit well, don’t fall off and pairing works well. Battery power is sufficient for a longer run. But sound quality is pretty mediocre (and I am not a hi-fi connoisseur). If you don’t need Bluetooth, you are (in my opinion) better off to get similarly priced headphones with a cable connection which will have much better sound quality.

4 stars
Nice café / coworking place in the heart of Bordeaux

Anticafé is called anti-café because it works differently than a regular café: You don’t pay for what you consume but for the time you spend there (5 EUR / hour, capped at 24 EUR / day). While you are there you can freely consume their (great!) coffee (with a very good selection - including cappucino, hot chocolate etc.) and from a little buffet with cookies, cake, nachos etc.

The good part about this approach is that you don’t need to feel guilty to occupy a space for a long time - making the Anticafé also a great co-working space. The wifi is decent, they have comfortable and varied seating areas (some more couch-like, others with real tables; if they get busy it might be a bit difficult to find a good spot) and overall a very comfortable, friendly vibe. What you should note, however, is that they sell themselves more as a café than a coworking space, which primarily means that people chatting around you is to be expected. If you thrive in a vibrant environment, this could be the space for you, if you want to work in a quieter environment a coworking space with quiet areas might be better suited for you.

They would definitely get five stars from me if it weren’t for the very diverse coworking scene in Bordeaux: Their prices are more expensive than e.g. the Buro des Possibles or the Bac A Sables and I find the former more cozy (plus better wifi and the option to have lunch there), while the latter is larger and offers different areas e.g. for quiet or not-so-quiet working. But definitely check out all three of them for yourself, they are all great choices and your mileage may vary (YMMV)!

4 stars
Organising something? Use Framaforms to collect responses.

Framaforms is a quick solution to design web-based forms and collect responses through these forms. The responses can then be exported as spreadsheets or viewed as charts and aggregate tables on the website. It is an alternative to Google Forms, allowing you to ask your users to fill in a form without having to hand their data over to Google.

I am using Framaforms for a couple of projects and use cases and have to say it is very reliable, has so far satisfied all my needs and in fact provides many more features that I currently need - you can set-up emails to both the users completing the forms and you as recipient, you can style the form in various ways, it supports a ton of form elements and sophisticated validation rules to evaluate form input. The only downside (and why it only gets four stars) is that your forms expire after six months unless you renew them (renewing them is as simple as logging in and changing the expiry date, but still it’s a bit inconvenient…).

Framaforms is hosted in Europe by the Framasoft non-profit, which provides hosted open-source alternatives to many services of the Internet giants Google et al. It is based on Drupal’s Webform module, which you can also self-host if you prefer full control.

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