Reviews by belial

Channel Zero Anarchist Podcast Network
5 stars
24 hours daily of anarchist podcasting

Great variety of interesting and informative shows from a leftist and anarchist perspective. Most of the major shows are represented. They could use more of a focus on Free/Open Source Software, but I eventually dug up a working m3u files to listen in VLC.

5 stars
Great site for anarchist and Antifa news and actions

They have a lot of contributers around the world, and their productions are great

5 stars
Wonderful server, great collection of mods

It’s a fun server that’s pretty active. They have a good set of mods, so anything from advanced technics to home decorating is supported. The mobs are hard, but not too hard once you get diamond stuff. The mummies drop diamonds and die in the sun, so spend a couple starting gold on a house in a village and just wait.

I’m Baph in-game, or on mastodon, I’m totally willing to hook up new users with gear, ore, a place to build, etc.

The forums are active, and the in-game chat is accessible from IRC or Matrix, as well as in-game. I don’t think any other server do that.

The group in charge,, does a lot of cool projects too.

5 stars
Great place, not too busy!

I stayed in Yosemite Village in one of these Tent Cabins, 4 beds and a light, one plug, a heater, and a safe. It was pretty nice but it got muddy in front, as it was raining a little. They had some rubber mats down, but not enough.

Bathrooms and showers were fine. Clean and not too busy. The buffet resturant and pizza place were awesome and not too expensive. Booze was fairly priced too. There’s a community room with shitty books, board games, wifi, it was pretty fun.

There’s a free bus that goes around to most of the cool places. It was never too full.

I suggest all you can eat brunch at the fancier hotel (i forget the name). It was like $30 but the food was really good, fresh cut roast beef, all sorts of stuff. Great place to hit after an overnight hike and totally go overkill on the food.

I know it can get really busy but maybe the weather discouraged people. It was rain/mist for 2 days and light snow on the third. The kids loved the snow, it got surprisingly deep near the waterfalls with all the mist.