4 stars
Wonderful site for a modern, no-BS blend of occultism and politics

Covers a lot of topics from a pagan/occult/magickal perspective, without the New Age woo that a lot of sites depend on. Dr Bones is an especially good writer for them. Good for people trying to experience spiritualism without abandoning rationality.

5 stars
Internet's #1 Site for free Ebooks and Scientific Articles

I can’t believe the obscure stuff I find here sometimes, not to mention more common books. I don’t use the science part much, but I’ve heard it’s top notch.

4 stars
Future of Microblogging

Lots of activity, various instances with cute domains, and great moderation features to deal with abusive instances. Using the ActivityPub standard, it works with all members of the greater Fediverse, including GNU Social, Hubzilla, and eventually lib.reviews. Not giving 5 stars until it supports groups and events, features critical for activist use.

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