Reviews by belial

Pesto's Italian Restaurant
5 stars
Wonderful local hole-in-the-wall

The pasta and seafood are top-notch. Haven’t tried the pizza yet, but I’ve seen it, and it looks fantastic. My fav is the Linguine Pescatore, with all sorts of shrimp, clams, mussels, scallops, etc. in a red wine sauce.

They have a lot of vegan and vegetarian and gluten-free options too, call ahead tho, some of it’s off-menu

5 stars
Wikipedia is a great resource for information

It’s Wikipedia, it has like all the things. I just made this to encourage reviewing

4 stars
Great for encouraging Linux support

I don’t have a fancy gaming box, so I’m a bit limited when it comes to game selection, but the one’s I’ve found have worked well on Linux. I’ve heard the new handheld will encourage it more.

4 stars
Great app, easy to use

It requires a debrid service, but it’s super easy to use, it can use any IMDB or Trakt lists, etc. It can track all your recent shows and present the new episodes. Very similar to Seren but I prefer it.

5 stars
Great debrid service for more advanced Pirates

As a debrid, they cache popular torrents so you can stream them right away. They also have premium access to many paid streaming sites. Side features include a download manager for premium sites, 1TB cloud with RSS-Torrent support, VPN. It’s like $13 a month, pretty great deal for the features, and the best Kodi apps like Seren or TheOath use it, or similar. Hit me up for a referral link if you want, I’ll get a free month.

5 stars
Not effective at killing COVID, great at killing conspiracy theorists

You know what, eat your fucking horse paste, we don’t need you around

4 stars
Great Mexican fast food chicken

It’s one of the rare great healthy options in the areas it serves. Flame grilled chicken, steamed veggies, Mexican rice, the only sort of “unhealthy” thing off the top of my head is their great Mac N Cheese. Generally cheap too. I got amazing churros that were obviously freshly made.

Out-of-towners rant about In-N-Out, but they need to try El Pollo Loco too

4 stars
Wonderful site for a modern, no-BS blend of occultism and politics

Covers a lot of topics from a pagan/occult/magickal perspective, without the New Age woo that a lot of sites depend on. Dr Bones is an especially good writer for them. Good for people trying to experience spiritualism without abandoning rationality.

5 stars
Internet's #1 Site for free Ebooks and Scientific Articles

I can’t believe the obscure stuff I find here sometimes, not to mention more common books. I don’t use the science part much, but I’ve heard it’s top notch.

4 stars
Future of Microblogging

Lots of activity, various instances with cute domains, and great moderation features to deal with abusive instances. Using the ActivityPub standard, it works with all members of the greater Fediverse, including GNU Social, Hubzilla, and eventually Not giving 5 stars until it supports groups and events, features critical for activist use.