5 stars
The best game ever?

This game is one of the biggest mistakes you can make. After playing it you will be bored of the most other games.

It’s just so incredibly good, detailed to the last bit, with huge amount of content and far-reaching concequences of player choices. Graphics and sound are amazing. Both main and secondary quests are of top quality. Witcher contracts can be a bit repeatable, but stay complex and interesting nevertheless. The story is also very exciting and as a fan of the Witcher series (also the books) it fits perfectly into the universe that mixes the dark middle ages with fantasy. But you can play this game even if you have never played The Witcher before or read one of the books.

The most distinguishing feature in The Witcher 3 is that it offers us a completely living world (one of the biggest I’ve ever seen). In this world dynamic weather conditions, day and night cycle and active economic ties add a whole new color to the game.

In the end I would say that The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is a game that can be played many times (although a playthrough takes 200 hrs.) and offers an adventure that you cannot stop playing the game for hours. If you have a special interest in RPG games, or if you are interested in starting these kinds of games, then this game should definitely be The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.

4 stars
Beautiful hotel at the slope of Mount Vesuvius with amazing view

I was there in 2016 with my family and had a great time. We stayed there for five nights and in four of them we were the only hotel guests of ‘Il Sentiero’, what means that the full staff always had time for us and the dinner was not only in time, it also was delicious. The breakfast however was average, but not bad.

The most amazing thing on the hotel is it’s view. From the rooftop one can see the whole Gulf of Naples on the one side and the hillside of Mount Vesuvius on the other one. There is also a large garden from where you also have nice view, but it’s obstructed by some trees. The garden itself is pretty and features some deckchairs to relax. At the beginning I missed a swimming pool, but in the end I didn’t care anymore. There are enough other things to do in the area, like hiking. A small path leads up to Mount Vesuvius (which is where the hotel actually has it’s name from), but it seems to be rarely used and requires hiking boots.

Since the hotel is very secluded, the driveway is pretty small and contains some potholes, but it’s manageable to drive it. There is also a large (if not huge) parking space near the hotel and comparing it to the size of the hotel I was wondering if it ever was full. I found out soon, because at one evening there was kind of a fashion show in the hotel’s garden. It was pretty loud and some of the guests were lingering on the floor outside of our room.

The room itself was not the best thing on the hotel. The furnishings were okay, but the showerhead was broken and we had to hold it all the time while showering. There were also a lot of ants in the room and I was wondering why they gave us this room since there were no other guests.

But all in all I enjoyed my time there, but I don’t know how things are looking now since it was already two years ago.

4 stars
Why this is my favourite simulation game

When I played this game for the first time in 2013 I already felt like a truck driver, although I played it with mouse and keyboard. Comparing it with other so called ‘simulation games’ especially the graphics and physics behavior of Ets2 are standing out. Last year I bought a steering wheel and pedals only for Euro Truck Simulator 2 (and its American counterpart) to have an even more realistic experience. And that’s what a simulation game should aim on, not releasing a new game every (two) year(s) like Farming and Bus simulators do. That’s another great advantage of Ets2: The game has been released in 2012 and still gets free updates with more or less cool features, as well as paid DLC.

The DLC politics is always a problem of simulation games. But it’s not that extreme with Ets2 like with Train Simulator where you have to pay 3.600€ to unlock all features. Yes, Ets2 has some DLC too, but they are from high quality and don’t cost that much. Some of them also bring cool new game mechanics, like special transports.

The problem I have with Ets2 is that you can see that it’s a game from 2012 in some parts. The original map (Germany, UK, Austria, Netherlands, Belgium) looks very monotonous and doesn’t really represent the countries. If you have some of the map expansion DLCs it seems like you drive through an entirely different game if you come from Italy to Germany, or France to Belgium. Some of the trucks also seem to be stuck in 2012 but that’s a license problem, I guess.

So in the end I would say that Euro Truck Simulator 2 is a great game for truck fans, travel fans (like me) or people who are just looking for a relaxing game.

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