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4 stars
Massive Pizzas. Fair Prices.

Possibly the biggest pizza I’ve ever received in a restaurant! Easily enough to share for two people. For less than 14 EUR also very keenly priced, particularly given the city-center location of this place.
The outlet is large and it gets very busy - I’d definitely recommend making a reservation if you’re looking to go for dinner here.
The service was okay given how busy it was when we dined. I enjoyed the pizza and would totally come here again for another one. My friend had a vegan pasta dish, which was also a decent portion and tasted nice.
All in all a good place to dine in the centre of town and at very fair prices - the pizza, pasta, a small water, a glass of wine, and a beer came to less than 40 EUR.

<img data-v-40ab6d65="" src="https://nixorigin.one/storage/m/_v2/513682791176737460/c537ce87c-f5971d/Yz9sg2q6qsJj/Wf4d0A6ADQjdNy9NsuCLoZN7O8x78BrUQS0fUjxV.jpg" loadA big round pizza on a table with some glasses in the background. The pizza has a red tomato base and yellow-ish vegan cheese. You can also see some mushrooms on it. You can't see the plate the pizza is served on, because the pizza is bigger than the plate.
Yikes! Probably the biggest pizza I’ve ever received in a restaurant.