Review: steelseries Apex 350 gaming keyboard

4 stars
Regular keyboard functions work out of the box with exrta functions working with 3rd party program on Linux

The steelseries Apex 350 is a gaming keyboard complete with a numpad, media keys and 22 extra macro keys as well as 5 zones of customizable backlight LEDs.

On Linux all the basic keyboard functions on the steelseries Apex 350 work fine. steelseries provides a program for enabling the extra macro keys and customizing the LED colors. Unfortunately this software is only available for Windows and MacOS however thanks to tuxmark5 there is a tool for using this keyboard to its full extent.

ApexCtl is a command line tool for using the extra functions of the Apex which are not supported out of the box. While this command line tool is more complex than the GUI solution provided by steelseries, ApexCtl is still quite usable for those familiar with the command line.

Conclusion: The steelseries Apex 350 is a nice gaming keyboard which through the use of a 3rd party tool can be completely utilized on Linux.