5 stars
Surprizingly cheap given the area

Natura’s Ice Creamery located in the town of Hahndorf is surrounded by massively over priced cafes. The pricing of this store is $5-7 for a hot dog and $7-10 for a baked potato which is pretty in line with what you would see at any other store around South Australia. Food presentation was way over what you would expect for a cafe and tasted great.

100% recommended if you are in the area, Don’t spend $20 on a sandwich in the surrounding stores.

4 stars
All features supported out of the box on most distros. (2014 edition)

The wacom intuos drawing tablet is fully supported out of the box on ubuntu and other distros with the xserver-xorg-input-wacom package installed. The tablet is configurable through the xsetwacom command line tool. While the cli tool is not as user friendly as the GUI tool for windows and macOS it is feature complete and can configure the tablet buttons as well as many other settings for the tablet.

5 stars
Wonderful open source reddit application

Slide for reddit is an open source, modern application for Android for accessing reddit. In my opinion it is the best reddit app available and nicer than the other reddit apps available such as reddit is fun, redreader and relay.


  • Modern material deign UI
  • Offline viewing
  • Customizable UI
  • Open Source
  • Rapidly improving feature set


  • None that I can think of