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To post reviews on linux compatibility for hardware to inform those looking to know how well their hardware will be supported before they buy.

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As a bit of a guideline for how to write reviews let the reader know what works, what doesnt work, what partly works, did you need to change anything to get it working and possibly if you required any closed source code to get it working. As well as anything else a linux user may be interested in knowing before buying some hardware

5 stars
Excellent mic for podcasting and VoIP; foldable legs for easy transport

When I started my video podcast I needed a suitable microphone. The Samson Meteor Mic received a lot of good reviews, so I went with it (you can hear it in all episodes except the first one). It uses a cardioid pattern, meaning that it picks up most sound in front of the mic. Indeed, ambient noises that are far away don’t get a lot of pickup, so the occasional background noise won’t disturb your recording or call.

The mic comes with a mute button and a headphone jack/volume knob (so you can monitor your input without latency). It is chrome-plated and looks quite nice on any desk. The three legs are foldable, so it won’t take up a lot of space in your laptop bag. It also has a mic stand adapter, which I haven’t used.

Linux compatibility

This USB mic works fine under Linux (tested with the last three Ubuntu releases); it gets immediately recognized. You may just need to activate it in your sound preferences and in some applications (browser may require a restart).

The Verdict

As of this writing the Samson Meteor is priced at $55 on Amazon. That’s a pretty good deal for a very high quality device.

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