Team: 3D Printing

Faster, better, made of plastic

Let’s find the best tools for 3D printing. We review everything needed for 3D printing with an emphasis on consumer level products and open source software/hardware.

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Team rules
  1. Only review items you’ve used personally

Filament Reviews

  1. Include nozzle and bed temps used
  2. Include how filament was packaged upon arrival (desiccant etc.)
  3. More detail is better, add details about average diameter, printer setup etc. if possible

5 stars
The hub for Prusa related fixes and mods

The place to go to find Prusa mods and the people who made them. Everybody is generally helpful and willing to answer questions.

Hub for several mods for the i3 MK3 including the Bear project and skelestruder.

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Discord Server

I’m in the 602 Wasteland server as pat.

Matrix Room

I set up as place to discuss 3D printing, team rules etc. If you’re not familiar with Matrix, you can use the riot web app and create an account on the server. You can also create an account on any Matrix server and join the room.