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4 stars
Nice café / coworking place in the heart of Bordeaux

Anticafé is called anti-café because it works differently than a regular café: You don’t pay for what you consume but for the time you spend there (5 EUR / hour, capped at 24 EUR / day). While you are there you can freely consume their (great!) coffee (with a very good selection - including cappucino, hot chocolate etc.) and from a little buffet with cookies, cake, nachos etc.

The good part about this approach is that you don’t need to feel guilty to occupy a space for a long time - making the Anticafé also a great co-working space. The wifi is decent, they have comfortable and varied seating areas (some more couch-like, others with real tables; if they get busy it might be a bit difficult to find a good spot) and overall a very comfortable, friendly vibe. What you should note, however, is that they sell themselves more as a café than a coworking space, which primarily means that people chatting around you is to be expected. If you thrive in a vibrant environment, this could be the space for you, if you want to work in a quieter environment a coworking space with quiet areas might be better suited for you.

They would definitely get five stars from me if it weren’t for the very diverse coworking scene in Bordeaux: Their prices are more expensive than e.g. the Buro des Possibles or the Bac A Sables and I find the former more cozy (plus better wifi and the option to have lunch there), while the latter is larger and offers different areas e.g. for quiet or not-so-quiet working. But definitely check out all three of them for yourself, they are all great choices and your mileage may vary (YMMV)!

5 stars
Charming café and co-working space in Bordeaux

I was in Bordeaux a couple of weeks last year and was thus looking for a co-working space during the day. What can I say - I discovered Le Buro des Possibles and fell immediately in love with this cozy café and co-working place in the middle of the old town!

Le Buro des Possibles has a small coffee area and a separate area that is dedicated for co-working, where you can rent a place by the hour (or about 20 EUR for the whole day). This includes a seat plus free coffee, tea, water, delicious cakes (dangerous!) and a very fast and reliable wifi connection (they change the password every week, which increases security and ensures that it is really reserved for the co-working customers).

For lunch, they offer the choice between usually two to three vegetarian options, which you can add to your co-working bill. They are not the largest portions, which can sometimes be a pity as they are always very delicious, but that probably compensates for your cake consumption (see above). ;)

If you are looking for a coworking space in Bordeaux, I can whole-heartedly recommend Le Buro des Possibles, and when I come back to Bordeaux I will definitely start working there again!