Search features deployed

Team blog: Developers

We now have the first round of search features. This includes autocompletion (requires JavaScript):

Search autocompletion

And it includes full-text search across reviews, including highlighting:

Full-text match

See the search page for some tips on valid search operators (a full technical breakdown of supported operators can be found here).

A note on language support:

  • If you’re searching in a language other than English, content in that language will show up.
  • Content in English will always be searched.
  • In addition, we make certain fallback assumptions, e.g., Brazilian Portuguese also searches European Portuguese.

In future, it may be desirable to make those search options user-configurable, as well.

The search feature is based on ElasticSearch, an open source search backend used by many websites, including Wikipedia.

As always, please don’t hesitate to report bugs, or find us on if you want to chat.