Major improvements to media uploading

Team blog: Developers

It’s now possible to upload and insert media files directly from the rich-text editor when writing reviews, blog posts, or anything else. This video is a quick demonstration:

This was a major effort for a few reasons:

  • We needed to add an upload API that handles various failure cases (e.g., incorrect MIME type), batches up errors and passes them along to the application. The API supports multi-file uploads as well, but in the editor we only upload a single file at a time.

  • We needed to design a dialog that’s quick and easy, while handling entry of all required data without taking up too much space for mobile users. The flip to a second page you see in the video seems like a pretty good solution—you only ever see that page if you need to.

  • We needed to add an upload feed so we can keep track of what files are being uploaded.

As you can see in the video, the feature gives credit to the person who created the work you’re uploading, something that tends to go missing on most websites.

Along the way, we’ve also improved the old multi-file upload and the presentation of metadata on review subject pages. For now, you need to switch to “rich text” mode to see the upload button—in future, the plain text markdown editor will get its own toolbar.