Lots of copies keep stuff safe

Team blog: Developers

lib.reviews has offered database downloads almost from the beginning, but until recently, these did not include uploaded media. As of last week, we are now creating an archive of all uploaded media files every week and offering it here. Note that in order to use these files in a license-compliant manner, you will also need the file metadata from the database dumps.

Thanks to user arx, our database downloads are now also mirrored to IPFS here (may take a while to load). IPFS is a cool project to build a distributed web and very much worth checking out.

If you’d like to run a mirror of some or all lib.reviews content, please go ahead—and please let us know through a pull request against this file. One of the huge benefits of free/open licensing is that we can all work together to ensure that the stuff we create doesn’t go away if one particular website does.