5 stars
Great encyclopedic museum

The museum shows art from all times, places and genres. One can spend several days in it. In that case the annual membership might be an at least less expensive way to get in.

Unfortunately, it takes quite a while to get to the objects. The museum isn’t in the city center and once arrived at the site the security check, the way through the entrance and the vast area take their time. This and the high entrance fee make the museum less suitable for one-hour evening strolls than the big state museums of London, Paris, Berlin or New York.

5 stars
Splendid small museum!

The museum gives a very interesting insight into Bethlehemite living in past centuries and its material culture. I’ve been twice to the museum and both times I got a tour through the museum by an old native of Bethlehem who could tell a lot also beyond the exposed objects and showed how they were used.

The museum isn’t very big, it is possible to go through all rooms in much less than an hour. If you ask a lot it can easily take longer.

SkyGrand 45W Magsafe 2 T-Tip Charger for MacBook Air 11 "13"
1 star
Broken after few weeks

I got the charger on time for 30 euros. Unfortunately, after a few weeks it stopped to charge my MacBook.