Reviews by Team: Vegans

Live and let live!

4 stars
Just like the original, only vegan

I finally got to try the vegan version of Sweden’s best loved caviar, Kalles. I never ate the original, because caviar in tubes is such a Swedish thing and I only moved here when I was already vegan. The non-vegan wife says it tastes like the original. Personally, I like it. It’s not too salty, spreads nicely, and genuinely tastes good. It’ll be uplifting my breakfasts from now on. It’s nice to see more and more vegan versions of popular products appear in stores.

A bue tube of Kalles vegan caviar. The tube has a picture of a boy eating a sandwich with Kalles caviar on it.
A tube of Kalles Vegan

4 stars
Nice simple place

A nice cafe with two outdoor seating areas, one with a view to the cathedral. The staff is very friendly. Unfortunately, the food includes muffins only as a vegan option.
The toilets are at the same level, but probably not accessible by wheelchair because of narrow doors.
In principle also a nice place for working, sockets are scarce though.

Pazzi - Italian slow food
4 stars
Tasty Italian with lots of vegan options

I liked it here. I ordered a Vegan Scampi Pizza, mostly for the novelty value, because I had never seen vegan scampi. Interesting. Looks-wise 100% on point, taste-wise not bad. The scampi seem to be made from some sort of mushroom and so have a bit of a mushroom feel. As pizzas go, this wasn’t a bad one. As always, the cheese wasn’t all there. I really do wish there’d be better tasting vegan pizza cheeses, but alas… I’d come here again, though, because the restaurant is nice and the menu has a lot of options. It’s a good place if you’re looking for a somewhat more upmarket Italian restaurant.

Image shows a pizza on a round wooden board on a white table top, some bottles and glasses to the right of the pizza. There is a yellow slice of lemon on top of the pizza. Also some slices of zucchini are visible on top of the pizza.
Vegan Scampi Pizza

La Brioche, Shams Boutique Mall, Abu Dhabi
3 stars
Surprisingly many vegan options!

I walked past this a few times on my way to other places in this neighbourhood mall and I always thought it’s your typical Arabic coffee-shop type of establishment with the usual, mostly meat-heavy, menu. Today, I stopped to have a look at the menu and I was surprised to find a fair few vegan options, so I stayed for dinner.
Among others, the menu featured a vegan Impossible burger, a dish with no-chikn vegan chicken, several salads, and vegan bolognese sauce for pasta.
I settled for the burger, which was okay. It looked good, but was bit dry. The fries that came with it, though, were very good. I feel that I might have picked the wrong dish or simply the wrong time. I’ll give this place another shot, although because there isn’t much to chose from vegan-wise in the mall.

A burger on a white plate with fries to the right of the burger and a white dish with red sauce at the back. The burger bun is a light brown with darker brown seeds on the top. A straw pick is placed in the middle of the bun to hold the burger together. Also visible is the edge of a tomato and a green leaf on the burger bun.
Vegan Impossible Burger with Fries

Shakespeare and Co., Central Market, Abu Dhabi
4 stars
Enjoyable vegan breakfast

Shakespeare and Co really has come a long way over the years in terms of vegan options. I remember when I first came to the UAE and went to a Shakespeare and Co in Dubai, there were just 1 or 2 choices. These days, the menu has lots of clearly labeled vegan dishes. I had the vegan breakfast today, which is basically two slices of bread - one topped with avocado cream and pomegranate seeds and the other one with tofu scramble. Both were nice. The location of this outlet is on the ground floor of the WTC Souk away from the hustle and bustle of the main areas, so you can enjoy your breakfast in peace.

Two slices of bread. One topped with avocado cream and pomegranate seeds, the other one with tofu scramble. The avocado cream is green and the pomegranate seeds are dark red. The tofu scramble is yellow.
Vegan Breakfast at Shakespeare and Co in Abu Dhabi

5 stars
Good vegan Levantine cuisine

A very friendly great place to get good vegan Levantine cuisine in Ehrenfeld. Unfortunately, takeaway packaging isn’t very sustainable, comes with quite some aluminum.

5 stars
Gyros Wrap  de

Hatte das köstliche Gyros Wrap. Gerne wieder.

5 stars
Gut versteckt aber sehr lecker  de

Der Laden ist etwas unscheinbar, wenn man die Industriestraße entlangfährt und sie nicht kennt und wo das Restaurant noch nicht auf OSM eingetragen war. Aber die Strandkörbe neben dem Haus Nr. 5 kann man danach nicht mehr übersehen. Das Tagesgericht ist sehr empfehlenswert gewesen und der anschließende Milchreis und Apfelkuchen auch.

2 stars
Didn't live up to the hype

After reading reviews online, I had some expectations for this place and unfortunately I was disappointed.

Maybe the staff has changed, but this time around the server wasn’t particularly friendly.

I ordered the a set of two samosas and the Vegetarian Curry. I specifically asked if the curry was vegan, and the waiter confirmed it was. Apparently, it also accompanied a drink and ice cream, which I didn’t realize until it was too late. While this is partly my fault, the waiter, armed with the knowledge that I specifically asked for a vegan dish, brought me dairy ice cream anyway.

The samosas were good, but a little pricy (almost 600 yen for 2 pieces?). The curry tasted fine. The presentation could’ve been better, though. Maybe because the plates they use are pretty large, it gave the impression that there wasn’t much food on the plate. I’m still not sure if the portion was small or the plate too large. Either way, it wasn’t a great impression.

I didn’t have a good experience here, so I would recommend people go to La Quinua (Peruvian-Mexican food) or Vegetus Sara (Japanese food), which are all within walking distance to each other. Vegan options at Indian/Sri Lankan/Nepali restaurants are easy to come by wherever you go, so you can easily skip this place.

Pros: Food was alright
Cons: Small portions, inattentive customer service

5 stars
Beats many fancy Tokyo restaurants, by a long shot

The food was so good I ate here everyday during my three-day stay in Yakushima, and it was also great that the dishes were different every time. On my last day, I ordered the bento, which was delicious as well.

Asuka clearly puts a lot of love into what she cooks, and you can definitely feel it when you eat it. There were so many different kinds of tastes that were new to me. Everything was simple and delicious.

If you’re coming to Yakushima, I recommend you make this a priority as important as the tourist spots you’re planning to see. You won’t want to miss this place!

Pros: The food is amazing, the owner is super friendly, the atmosphere is relaxing
Cons: None